Monday, January 22, 2018

Learn Data Science 2018

I am building a portfolio on a new blog to apply to Data jobs in 2018. 

from letustweak
I would like to use Data Science to support teachers, students, and learning in the information age.

    I combed through resources and am sharing highlights.

What is Data Science?

As described in a recent DataCamp podcast with David Robinson,
Data Transformation - how can I clean this and reshape it?
Statistical inference - how can I separate signal from noise?
Prediction - I've got some inputs, how can I predict the outputs? (a classifier)
Visualization - how can I better understand this? (making graphs)
Communication - how can I share the results?

Where I am learning it?

I am reading help pages, documentation, github repos, and stackoverflow to analyze open data sets. 

I did EliteDataScience's 7 day email introduction and feel confident about learning all of their Machine Learning steps through projects, online resources, and Kaggle's courses + competitions.


- All courses with Dr. Chuck Severance at Python for Everybody.
- Practical Deep Learning for Coders with Jeremy Howard at
- Exercises on Project Euler


- Exercises on codeacademy, hackerrank, and leetcode.


- Tidyverse (Hadley Whickam's R for Data Science)
- Rachel Tatman's Data Science in R Kaggle course


freeCodeCamp has a beta site offering 6 modules
- Blocks contain examples

More Resources

- DataCamp has some great tutorials in R, python, SQL, and others.
- Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Coursera course (old Octave back when it was free).
- Version Control with Git Udacity course
- MITx Introduction to Probability: The Science of Uncertainty
- TypingClub is not a crime

Online curricula

David Venturi's DIY Masters (He did some blog updates in 2017)


I joined the Coursera Data Science community.
I attended various free Data Science meetups in SF at Galvanize and Metis.
I am stalking many Data Scientist blogposts and podcasts to keep up with trends and learn proper etiquette.
Looking for an in-person group of DIY Data Scientists who want to meet up and hack on data sets together.

Stretch Goals

- Kirill Eremenko's Data Science A-Z Udemy course
- Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree

- crush

Hit me up if you are DIY Data Science learning also.